2013 Toyota Aygo

Toyota_Aygo_3door_2013_480_0003The new 2013 Toyota Aygo is a stylish supermini car designed and built in Europe, it provides its customers with an exceptionally low cost car detailing melbourne of ownership and sets the highest standards of spaciousness and driving pleasure in the compact segment. It is a likable and perfectly suitable little car.

The 2013 Toyota Aygo provides an ideal customer segment of collaboration within an interior space and driving pleasure in the treamlined jet possible. At 3430 mm, the new Toyota Aygo only 15 mm longer than its predecessor. However, the short side in the front and rear overhangs, wheelbase of 2340 mm length and a total capacity of 1615 mm width with a great surprise, within a realistic time frame in the provision of the 2013 Toyota position constant management of small and agile, 4 much reach 73 m, to transform the maneuverability of the city.

Though there were some complaints about the hard plastics, the cabin is screwed together well, and the quirky styling features match the equally funky exterior. Space in the front is good for the driver and the person riding shotgun, though adults in the back may find the space a bit restrictive.

Privacy Glass is available for the rear windows of two 3 and 5 door versions of the Toyota Aygo 2013, and gives steel cover wheel design is in addition to the existing 14 and 6 spoke alloys. A selection of eight exterior colors, including two new models in the range of Aygo is bright orange and bronze metallic Mica.New Aygo is available with a choice of two audio systems. A 35-watt AM / FM / CD system offers a choice of two or four speakers and a radio AM / FM / CD, Bluetooth interface for hands-free mobile phone, a multilingual display and USB ports are for connecting players, portable music players like the iPod.

cars-toyota-aygo-2013-61144As a city car, the Aygo is a very accomplished piece of machinery. The steering is light, which makes parking and low speed maneuverability a doddle, though one critic thought that it was on the sluggish side. Visibility is also good, though a bit restrictive towards the side and rear. At higher speeds, there were some disappointments with the refinement, but a few thought it was an acceptable compromise given that the Aygo was engineered primarily for urban use.

There is no diesel option for the Aygo – the only engine on offer is a 1.0 petrol. Thankfully, it’s quite a good one – emissions are low, and the upgrades to the 2012 model (which goes on sale in March) gets the CO2 figure down to just 99g/km, so it’s exempt from car tax and London’s congestion charge. Critics were pleased with the spritely little engine, though did say you need to use all of the 6,000 revs to make optimum progress. It’s perfect in the city, and the off-beat thrum of the three cylinders gives it a bit of character. However, some testers had negative comments about the noise levels at higher speeds.

Coupled with a 5-speed manual transmission is generated, 3-cylinder VVT-i engine 50 kW / 68 hp at 6000 rpm and maximum torque of 93 Nm at 3600 revolutions per minute. The reduced consumption to 4.4 l/100 km was the CO2 emissions 102 g/km. Available as an option on the Toyota Aygo 2013, is an automated multi-mode transmission with a fully automatic mode without changing a clutch pedal. It used computer control to the engine to manage the clutch and transaxle quick and accurate changes.

The Aygo is, on face value, quite good value. It’s priced well, it’s affordable to run and it insurance costs should be quite low. However, despite some novel features like Bluetooth and a sat-nav as standard on certain trim levels, there isn’t a huge amount of kit on the base models. It should keep its value come re-sale time, and it comes with a 5 year warranty.

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