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Cancer Information Center is a professional group of scientists and medical experts who have joined with an informational team of web savvy experts to provide the best source of information on cancer on the web. We offer this to everyone afflicted with this disease and to their friends, family and loved ones.

Our families have asked us about different medical problems over the years. We have learned that most people cannot understand the medical language used by scientists and medical staff. Since it is your body, your life that is in trouble, not knowing what the experts are talking about makes your situation scary – and just being scared can have adverse health affects.

We really hope that you can learn what to do, how to get your health taken care of. Every medical expert, every psychologist we have told about this website- has told us they appreciate anything we can do to help reduce the fear you may be feeling and to make this disease more understandable.

Please let us know if anything does not make sense to you or is not helpful so that we can improve this for you and your family.

This web site is supported by the Cancer Information Center, LLC, a private corporation. Our content is free from any commercial influence. There is no conflict of interest

Cancer Information Center’s panel of experts

Stephen Goldner, JD RAC
Steve is the President of Cancer Information Center, the company that has arranged this and other cancer organized web sites. He is a toxicologist and lawyer with almost 40 years experience in the medical field as inventor, developer and innovator of drugs and medical devices for people.

Susan Lewis, Ph.D, JD
Susan has over 25 years in the medical field, as researcher at NIH, investigator and program reviewer at FDA and developer of drugs to help people.

Jerry Lang, MD
Jerry has practiced medicine for almost 20 years and has an extensive research background in medical science.

Deborah Theres, BS, BS
Deborah has two degrees in medical science and 25 years experience.

Mike Tomasovich, BS
Mike has worked in this field for 5 years, with an expertise in communications and document organization.

Susan McCracken
Suasan McCracken is a senior at Eastern Michigan University and majoring in Technical Communication. She is just entering the field of writing/editing.

Natalie Thomas
Natalie Thomas is a professional writing and public relations professional. She focuses her efforts online, managing web content and working to build brands online through social media and other resources.

Lucas Jarmin
Lucas Jarmin is the web designer. He is a University of Michigan graduate student in the School of Information studying information analysis and retrieval.

Karthik Rao

Karthik Rao is a Web Master/Web Designer. He is a recent graduate with his Masters in Computer Science from Western Michigan University. His interests include web and windows development using Microsoft Technologies.

Marianne Haddad
Marianne Haddad, BA, Honors Marianne is using her Communications Studies degree to develop web-interest communities. She particularly enjoys that people develop knowledge by sharing interests. Marianne actively promotes greater expertise in writing, editing and public relations.